Wajiid Kakar Obituary, ABC Canberra Informs Of The Tragic Passing Away Of Wajiid Kakar

Wajiid Kakar Obituary, Death – The ACT Coroner has launched an investigation into the tragic death of 37-year-old Wajiid Kakar, who had been involved in a violent meat cleaver attack. Mr. Kakar passed away while in custody at the Dhulwa Mental Health Unit in Symonston, Canberra. The circumstances surrounding his death are being examined, given the earlier incident in which he attacked three people with a meat cleaver.

The incident in question occurred in February 2021 when Mr. Kakar assaulted two of his housemates and a house guest with a meat cleaver, resulting in the death of one individual and causing severe injuries to the others. Mr. Kakar had faced charges related to this violent episode but was ultimately acquitted of murder.

In a tragic turn of events, Mr. Kakar experienced what appeared to be a medical episode while in the Dhulwa Mental Health Unit on September 9, leading to his untimely death. Because his demise occurred while he was in custody, a formal hearing will be conducted at a later date to investigate the circumstances surrounding his passing.

The ACT Coroner’s investigation aims to shed light on the events leading up to Mr. Kakar’s death and determine whether there were any underlying factors that contributed to this tragic outcome. It is a solemn reminder of the complex challenges surrounding mental health and the need for comprehensive care and support for individuals grappling with such issues.

As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers and hopes that lessons can be learned to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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