Val Barr Obituary, Esteemed Board Member At The DDBSA Has Died

Val Barr Obituary, Death – It is with heavy hearts that we share the unexpected loss of one of our esteemed board members at the DDBSA. Val Barr, who passed away during the first week of September, left us with her loving husband by her side. We needed some time to collect our thoughts and reflect on the immense impact Val had on our club.

Val’s involvement with the DDBSA spanned many years, and her contributions were instrumental in shaping the essence of this club. Notably, at the National event, Val was rightfully honored with the title “Friend of the Dogue,” a recognition she truly deserved. However, Val’s significance extended beyond titles; she was a dear friend to each of us.

Val’s willingness to go above and beyond to assist anyone in need, whether lending a sympathetic ear, providing a comforting shoulder, managing a booth, or overseeing a ring, showcased her unwavering dedication. Val’s commitment, unwavering determination, and sheer tenacity made her an irreplaceable force within our organization.

Speaking on behalf of the entire board, we take immense pride in considering her one of us and, even more significantly, a cherished friend. Val’s absence is deeply felt, and her memory will forever remain etched in our hearts. While only a few among us with backgrounds similar to Val’s and mine may fully grasp the depth of our loss.

It is essential to express our gratitude and say, “Rest easy, dear friend. We will carry the torch from here, and thank you for always having our backs.”

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