Tom Moynihan Obituary, Family Mourns As Infant Sadly Dies Unexpectedly

Tom Moynihan Obituary, Death – The inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of Baby Tom Luke Moynihan, shortly after his birth at Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH), has been adjourned due to a juror testing positive for COVID-19. During the inquest, it was revealed that Baby Tom was born extremely pale and anaemic but did not receive a blood transfusion for approximately 22 minutes.

Concerns were raised about the initial emergency response, as a consultant was not included in the first call for help while efforts were being made to save the baby’s life. Originally, eight jurors were appointed for the inquest at Cork Coroner’s Court on Washington St. However, one juror had to recuse himself after realizing he knew one of the witnesses. Another juror missed the bus on Wednesday morning and was unable to attend court.

Coroner Philip Comyn explained that the inquest could not proceed with fewer than six jurors. A provisional date of October 10 has been set for the inquest to resume, at which point the jury, consisting of five women and one man, will reconvene.

Mr. Comyn apologized to the court for the inconvenience caused by the adjournment, emphasizing that it was unavoidable due to the juror’s positive COVID-19 test. The inquest will continue its examination of the circumstances surrounding Baby Tom’s tragic death at a later date.

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