Shay McKenna Obituary, Man Dies In Police Shooting Incident At 28

Shay McKenna Obituary, Death –During a dispute on Wednesday afternoon, members of the Maine State Police opened fire and killed an armed man who was wearing a ballistic vest. On Wednesday, the State Police Major Crimes Unit reported that they had received a warrant for the arrest of Shay McKenna, who is 28 years old, for violating the conditions of his bail. It had been reported that he was in possession of a firearm, which was against the law for him to have.

The investigation led detectives from the state police to a location in Rangeley Plantation, which is a small village located in the northwest corner of Maine. It was there that McKenna was apparently staying. In order to aid with the capture of McKenna, the state police Tactical Team was deployed and a search warrant was prepared for that place. McKenna was informed that he was being detained by the Crisis Negotiation Team of the state police, who had been in contact with him.

He emerged from the van he had been hiding in while wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a rifle, which prompted a state police officer to confront him and eventually shoot him. McKenna was pronounced dead at the location of the accident. It was 4:33 in the afternoon when the shooting took place. Jeffrey Parks, a state trooper, has been named as the officer responsible for the shooting, and the state police have stated that he has been placed on administrative leave, which is the typical procedure for when an officer is involved in a shooting.

Further inquiries should be sent to the office of the state attorney general, according to the state police. Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Office did not address any additional questions that were posed to them.

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