Saria Hildabrand Missing, Please Help Find Saria Barney Hildabrand

Saria Hildabrand Missing

Saria Hildabrand Missing – Saria Barney Hildabrand, a 21-year-old woman who has lived in Anchorage for a little over six months, is missing, and her family and the Anchorage Police Department are looking for information about her location. Near the apartment complex where she lives with her husband, on Sunday about 10 a.m., Hildabrand was last seen and heard from nearby Mockingbird Drive and Alpenhorn Avenue.

Police claim that Hildabrand left her apartment that morning to go to work, but she left her phone at home, which according to her family is unusual for her. Since that time, no one has heard from her. On Wednesday afternoon, a drone, search and rescue teams, Anchorage police officers, and scent hounds were all positioned close to the apartment building.

Meredith Barney, the mother of Hildabrand, worries about her daughter’s security. Since she is so dedicated to her work and has no history of mental illness or substance misuse, it is extremely unusual for her to be out of touch with anyone. She is very dedicated to her work as a member of the National Guard, so this is just extremely unusual, said Barney. “I’ve never gone this long without talking to her,” he added.

In order to assist in the hunt, Hildabrand’s mother and aunt, who both live in the Lower 48 states, traveled up to Alaska. We did a walk through all the forest between here and there and we walked all around the area and the different paths and all the different ways she could have gone to work at this point,” said Barney. Brittany Monson, Hildabrand’s aunt, said, “We got here yesterday afternoon and we went straight to the police department, you know just helping them and giving them all of the information we have.



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