Sarah Bolton Obituary, Burlington VT, Howard Center Administrative Site Manager Passed Away

Sarah Bolton Obituary, Death – We are left with broken hearts as we grieve the loss of Sarah Bolton, an extraordinary person whose life was focused on fostering empowerment in those around her. The ordeal that Sarah went through finally came to a happy conclusion, but it has left a gap that will never be filled. Her influence will always be felt by those who had the opportunity to know her both professionally and personally.

When Sarah was working as an Administrative Site Manager at Howard Center in the Greater Burlington Area, she exemplified the qualities of dedication and enthusiasm like no one else could. Her dedication to her position shown through in the persistent efforts that she put in to bolster the capabilities of both her clients and her coworkers. Sarah was an excellent educator and coach, and she inspired her students and athletes to realize their full potential and become the finest versions of themselves.

Her work as an Operations Manager shown her remarkable abilities in establishing efficient procedures and fostering the professional development of her personnel. Sarah’s customer service skills, event planning knowledge, and capacity to oversee the big picture with accuracy all revealed her true nature as a collaborator, which was reflected in her strong collaborative spirit. Sarah is a true collaborator at heart.

The lives of everyone who had the honor of knowing Sarah were profoundly impacted, not only by her professional achievements, but also by the generosity and warmth she exuded. Her legacy will be remembered as one of compassion, determination, and an unyielding commitment to leave the world a better place for those who came after her.

Even though Sarah Bolton is no longer present in this world, those who had the privilege of knowing her, being guided by her, or receiving her assistance will carry her legacy with them forever. When we think back on the times we spent together and the life lessons she gave us, we should not forget to live our lives with the same level of commitment, passion, and teamwork that Sarah exemplified throughout her life.

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