Ronnie Nuttall Obituary, Rose N Bowl Member Has Sadly Passed On

Ronnie Nuttall Obituary, Death – With heavy hearts and profound sadness, we come together to remember and honor the life of a beloved member of our community, Ronnie Nuttall. Ronnie touched the lives of many in ways that will forever be cherished and celebrated.

Ronnie was a familiar face to all who frequented our establishment, known for his enthusiastic participation in our religious bingo gatherings for over a decade. He brought laughter and joy to these events, including the creation of the now-infamous rallying cry, “2 0 Rambo – 2 bloody 0”.

Beyond his bingo prowess, Ronnie was a passionate and skilled bowls player. He not only played the sport but also captained and dedicated himself to our very own Rose N Bow team. Even in recent years when he took a step back from playing, his commitment to his beloved team never wavered.

For many, Ronnie was more than a fellow patron of our pub; he was a larger-than-life character who became a cherished member of our extended family. Whether he was the prankster or the recipient of our practical jokes, Ronnie’s presence was synonymous with laughter and camaraderie. His words of wisdom, whether they were whimsical “don’t eat yellow snow” warnings or horse racing tips of questionable value, always brought a smile to our faces.

Ronnie watched us grow up, from infants to young adults, and he provided guidance and warmth in a way that only a cherished Grandad figure could. Today, we bid our farewell and express our gratitude to the one and only Ronnie, who forever holds the place of “2 bloody 0” in our hearts. Ronnie Nuttall, you will be deeply missed, and your memory will continue to fill our hearts with warmth and laughter.

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