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In Wells, Minnesota, Richard Henle passed away. Age-wise, he was 79. George William Henle and Gladys Louise (McIver) Henle welcomed Darrell into the world on January 26, 1943 in Murdo, South Dakota. In Jones County, South Dakota, he was raised on a farm. He assisted his father with farming and ranching while attending a rural school. Steven Henle, Duane Henle, and Jennifer (Henle) Koschmann were the trio of children that Darrell and Doris (Kost) Henle McGee had after their 1963 nuptials.

He built roads while living in Wyoming with his family before returning to Draper to assist with the ranch. Both of them remarried after their divorce in 1979. Later, he and his wife Charlotte Doering settled in Stevensville, Montana. Years after she passed away, he wed again. He was married to Sheila Mantei for a long time.

For more than 35 years, Darrell lived in Stevensville and worked as a volunteer fireman, a ranch manager, a home builder, a logger, an auto mechanic, and more. He created his own auto shop as well. He put a lot of effort into his profession and enjoyed maintaining older automobiles, trucks, tractors, and other equipment. Darrell loved to tell stories and loved being outside and going fishing and hunting.

In his later years, he started competing in stock car races, winning numerous awards in the process. He adored chasing the checkered flag in his purple vehicle as it raced around the dirt track. Parents George and Gladys, brother Denny (Trudy) Henle, ex-wife Charlotte Doering, and nephew Daren Henle predeceased Darrell.

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