Peter Wyk Obituary, Remembering a Renewable Energy Pioneer: Peter “Pedals” van der Wyk

Peter Wyk Obituary, Death – It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Peter “Pedals” van der Wyk, the founder of Rainbow Power Company. Peter, known for his pioneering spirit in the Renewable Energy Industry, leaves behind a legacy that will forever illuminate our path.

Peter’s journey in renewable energy began with a pedal-powered juicer that garnered attention on television shows like “That’s Incredible” and “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” in the early ’80s. His passion for harnessing energy from nature was unwavering, leading to the creation of his seminal work, “Energy From Nature.”

In the late ’80s, Peter, along with two friends, laid the foundation for what would become Rainbow Power Company. His vision, commitment, and ingenuity paved the way for the company’s success and its contribution to the renewable energy landscape.

Peter’s influence extended beyond the company he co-founded. He played a pivotal role in developing the first Off-Grid Solar accreditation, providing aspiring professionals in the industry with invaluable training.

Even after retiring, Peter continued to visit Rainbow Power Company, where his spirit and dedication inspired all who knew him. The entire RPC family will forever cherish his memory and the passion he instilled in us.

Peter “Pedals” van der Wyk, your light will continue to shine through the work we do, and you will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

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