Nathan Peyton Obituary, Lawsuit Filed Against Coroner Over Nathan Peyton’s Dead Body

Nathan Peyton Obituary, Death – A new lawsuit has emerged accusing former Morgan County coroner Raymond Vancleave of mishandling and neglecting the corpse of Nathan Peyton, leaving it inside a hot car instead of properly storing it in a freezer.Nathan Peyton passed away on December 30 of the previous year, and initially, his brother, Basill Peyton, reported seeing his brother’s body in good condition. However, the lawsuit alleges that a few days later, an “unseasonably warm” day led the coroner to leave the body inside a body bag in a hot vehicle overnight.

This alleged misconduct by the coroner negatively impacted the funeral services for Nathan Peyton. Due to the state of the body, the family had to hold a closed-casket ceremony, and the odor emanating from the casket made some attendees sick. The family was left in a state of distress and confusion, unable to give their loved one a proper farewell.

Basill Peyton, Nathan’s brother, is seeking answers to prevent others from experiencing a similar ordeal. The lawsuit aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the mishandling of the body and hold those responsible accountable.

The lawsuit has raised concerns about the proper handling of deceased individuals and emphasizes the importance of maintaining the dignity and respect of the deceased and their families during the sensitive process of handling remains.

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