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Meghan Buell Death – Obituary and GoFundMe : Meghan Buell of South Bend, Indiana, well-known motivations and LGBTQ advocate who was the founder & board president of TREES (Transgender Resource, Education & Enrichment Services), has sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday August 08, 2023, leaving family, friends and other loved ones in total devastation and sadness.

Meghan, a well-respected native of Whiting, Indiana, and longtime resident of South Bend, Indiana, was a former student of The George Rogers Clark High School. She was a former student of The Eastern Kentucky University. The longtime member of The South Bend Community School Corporation, Meghan also studied and graduated from The IUPUI Lilly School of Philanthropy according to her social media profiles.

Meghan’s departure has created a void that can never be filled, and her absence will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him. The loss of such a remarkable individual has left us all saddened and grieving. Beyond her affable personality, Meghan also possessed a remarkable ability to listen and offer support when it was needed most. This sad news was confirmed following online statements made by The TREES (Transgender Resource, Education & Enrichment Services) on one of their officials statements made today, Wednesday, August 09, 2023. The statements reads;

Meghan was a person who touched the lives of many through her kindness, compassion, and genuine spirit. She had a way of bringing light into every room she entered, with a smile that could brighten even the darkest of days. TREES, Inc. and The Tree House Gender Resource Center is saddened to announce the sudden death of our founder and president, Meghan Buell.

Those who were fortunate enough to know Meghan knew of her tireless work for inclusivity, equality, and social justice. We ask that you carry forth her vision and love in your everyday actions. Meghan’s work has planted seeds of acceptance, celebration, and visibility for transgender people. These seeds will branch out farther than we will ever know.

Meghan never planned to leaf 🍃 us this way so it is our job to continue her legacy. At this time, we are not certain of funeral or memorial plans. We will update this page as soon as possible. We ask that you please extend grace during this difficult time. Peace and love ❤️ Executive Board of TREES, Inc. 🌳 ~ TREES (Transgender Resource, Education & Enrichment Services)

Meghan’s generosity knew no bounds. She was always the first to lend a helping hand, ready to assist anyone in need. Her selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond to make a positive difference in the lives of others exemplified her remarkable character. Whether it was through acts of kindness, words of encouragement, or her unwavering support, Meghan touched the hearts of many and left an indelible mark on our lives.

Popular LGBTQ Writer and Professional Speaker, Joel Speaks Out also shared an heartfelt condolences on one of his social media handles after passing was made public on Wednesday, August 09, 2023. The reads; “Yesterday I learned my good friend Meghan Buell quietly left this physical world yesterday leaving behind a legacy of trans activism and advocacy in the midwest and rural communities where trans people are often overlooked and under-resourced. Meghan founded TREES (Transgender Resource, Education & Enrichment Services), especially for trans people outside of metropolitan areas. Her passion to connect trans people to the resources they need was tireless.

Meghan and I formed a friendship a decade or more ago. We often shared many engaging conversations over coffee at Chicory Cafe of South Bend. We brainstormed together about how to make a difference in our LGBTQ community in South Bend and beyond. We supported one another in our efforts. She showed up for me and I showed up for her.

She was the first trans person I became close friends with. The word Trans was just beginning to become a common identifier in our rainbow world. She was gracious and allowed me to ask ignorant and uncomfortable questions. She never blinked an eye but happily educated me with her straightforward answers. I credit her for helping me see my own biases.

In 2015 we shared a stage at Ignite Michiana where she unveiled TREES and I brought to life Joel Speaks Out. It was the largest group of people I had ever spoken to at that time. Backstage we both celebrated and calmed our nerves with shots of tequila – Meghan’s choice of spirit when she wasn’t drinking beer while “driveway sitting”.
Meghan never ceased to push the community forward.

From organizing South Bend Pride, running the LGBTQ Center, showing up to Guerilla Gay Bar, doing media interviews, founding TREES, or just being one of the few Trans substitute teachers in the South Bend School Corp despite the many conservatives who protested her very existence. I’m proud to say that she taught both of my granddaughters in elementary school.

What I love about Meghan is that in the years I knew her, she never tried to be anything but her authentic self. She was most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, with little to no makeup, and with her ginger hair tucked under her signature headscarf. She didn’t care if she was considered “passable” or not, instead she was unapologetically Meghan. She once told me, “I’m not a girlie girl. I’m a tomboy. I present how I feel most comfortable.”
Meghan was my dear friend and colleague. I have only a handful of photos with her, but I have a heart full of good memories. I will miss you, my friend. You made the world a better place.

Let us keep in mind the happiness Meghan brought into our lives while we grieve her departure. We shall always appreciate the times we spent with him, her grin, and laughing. Let us take comfort in the fact that Meghan’s spirit will live on in our hearts and in the countless people she has touched while we are grieving. A GoFundMe account set-up by to Trees Inc Board assist the family with funerals and other expenses during the difficult periods. The statements reads below;

As many of you have expressed your desire to contribute to Meghan’s memorial service, we have set up this GoFundMe page to help facilitate the process. Your generous donations will go directly towards creating a memorial service that reflects Meghan’s spirit, values, and the causes she held dear. We want to ensure that her legacy continues to inspire others to stand up for equality, love, and acceptance.

Meghan’s unexpected departure has left a void in our lives, but through this memorial, we can come together to celebrate her life, her advocacy, and the impact she had. The memorial service will provide an opportunity for all of us to gather, share stories, and pay tribute to a woman whose determination strength and love transformed lives.

Your support, whether through financial contributions or sharing this fundraiser with others, will help us honor Meghan’s memory in a truly special way. Any amount, no matter how small, will make a difference and give her the memorial service she

Here’s how you can contribute: Donate: Click on the “Donate Now” button to contribute directly to the memorial service fund. Every dollar will go towards creating a fitting tribute to Meghan’s life and work.

Share: Spread the word by sharing this GoFundMe page with your network, friends, and family. Meghan’s impact reached far and wide, and your efforts can help us reach our goal and make this memorial truly exceptional.

Remember: Join us in remembering Meghan by sharing your favorite memories, stories, or photos on the GoFundMe page. Your heartfelt tributes will help create a beautiful mosaic of Meghan’s life and the lives she touched.

Let us come together to honor Meghan’s legacy and ensure that her voice continues to resonate through the causes she championed. Your support will not only help us remember a true crusader for LGBTQ rights and visibility but also serve as a testament to the power of unity, love, and acceptance.

Thank you for your compassion, generosity, and love during this difficult time. With gratitude, The TREES Inc board

We send our sincere sympathies to Meghan’s family and loved ones. During this trying time, may you find solace in the precious memories you shared with him and in the outpouring of love and support that is all around you. You all should be aware that you are not grieving alone and that Meghan’s legacy will live on through the individuals she impacted.

Meghan Buell and Mark. I grieve for both of you. We’ve been friends since grade school. We spent many good times at my house growing up. We played Frisbee, went bike riding, badminton. (and your volley gave me whiplash…) We saw each other at our 20th reunion and retouched on our friendship and then again when you bravely transitioned to Meghan. (You are a stinker Meghan! I thought the Buells discovered an unknown sibling, Lol) At that point, we spoke all the time. We shared beers, pizza, time. We did Halloween parties, and we visited each other’s homes. We confided in each other about the partners we had and our lives. Then you moved to South Bend and created a life for yourself there. More than that, you fought hard for LGBTQIA rights and gave them a voice in Michiana. By developing TREES, you did so much for transvisibility! I always referred folks to TREES so they could be supported by the best. (These were young adults still discovering and afraid.) We touched in with each other time to time. I followed your journey and you made me so proud! As your tattoo states: “Freedom to Explore, Freedom to Express, Freedom to Exist.” That’s what true friendship allows. I’m so glad we spoke last spring. You just got a new car, busy with transitioning away from TREES. (That will never be the same without you). I tried to get you to come to our 40th GRC Class of 83 Forty Year Celebration . You were reluctant, your choice of course. I will always walk the room with you Lady!! I’m missing you horribly. My prayer is that you are indeed Exploring, Expressing, and Existing in God’s heavenly light. 🙏 ❤️🩷🧡💛💚💙🩵💜 — ~ Becca Poulos Associate Nurse at CVS Minute Clinic

Dear Meghan Buell, may you rest in peace. Your presence in our lives was a great blessing, and we will always cherish the memories of you. We appreciate the times we spent together, your generosity, and the love you added to our lives. You will be terribly missed, but you’ll always be remembered.

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