Margaret Evans Obituary, A Beautiful Soul And Loyal Chorister

Margaret Evans Obituary, Death Cause – As we bid farewell to one of our cherished Cor Merched family members this afternoon, the choir mourns yet another loss with heavy hearts. Margaret Evans, a remarkable woman with a heart overflowing with love, has unfortunately passed away. In remembering her, we celebrate not only her outstanding contributions as a loyal chorister but also the warmth and kindness she shared as a friend. Margaret’s presence in Cor Merched was a testament to her unwavering dedication to music and her fellow choristers. She stood out as a remarkable singer, her voice gracing our performances with its beauty and harmony.

But it was on a personal level that Margaret’s true essence shone brightly. I fondly recall Margaret’s friendship with my mother during their time in the choir. Whether they were roommates during choir tours or sitting side by side in the second soprano section, Margaret was a constant source of comfort and camaraderie. Her laughter and support enriched the choir’s journey, making every rehearsal and performance an experience to cherish.

Today, we say our final goodbye to Margaret, a beautiful and loving soul who touched our lives profoundly. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones, sharing in their grief. Margaret, may your spirit find peace and eternal harmony. Godspeed on your journey. Details regarding Margaret’s funeral will be shared in due course, allowing us to come together as a choir family once more to honor her memory. xx

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