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Linda Miller Obituary, Death – Tonight, my heart is in pain. John and I were just informed that heaven had gained another angel. Linda Miller, our friend who created these beautiful photographs that are displayed throughout our home, died on August 2 of pancreatic cancer. Linda and I met years ago when she was working on a magnificent mural in Rehobeth. I met her through a buddy, and we became friends before she relocated to South Carolina. What a gift she had. Fly high, angel, for God knows you were an angel on Earth. I adore you, Linda Miller, and I treasure the photos I have of you. I shall miss the Christmas cards you gave us with your artwork every year. Such a talent is on the rise.

Her annual Christmas cards, embellished with her own artwork, brightened our holiday season. Each brushstroke spoke of her unwavering love and inventiveness. Her departure reminds us that the most wonderful gifts in life might be transitory, yet their influence lasts forever. Linda will always be an angel in our hearts, for her artistry transcends the mortal sphere. The canvases she painted, the murals she created, and the love she shared all bear witness to her enduring legacy. We were fortunate to have met her, felt the warmth of her friendship, and witnessed the magic she created with her artistic touch.

Linda’s artistry was ethereal; her paintings infused each stroke and hue with life. Her creations covered the walls of our home, telling stories and expressing feelings that could not be spoken in words. Linda moved to South Carolina as the years passed, yet distance could not break the bonds we had. Linda was more than just an artist; she was an angel among us. Her unrelenting zeal for life, love, and compassion left an everlasting imprint on everyone she touched. Her art reflected her spirit: it was vivid, detailed, and full of love. Linda’s death leaves a vacuum that words cannot cover.




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