Elizer Vasquez Obituary, In Loving Memory of a Beloved One

Elizer Vasquez Obituary, In Loving Memory of a Beloved One

Elizer Vasquez Obituary, Death- With heavy hearts, we share the news of the passing of Elizer Vasquez, a stalwart member of the United Farm Workers (UFW) family. At the age of 84, Elizer embarked on his next journey, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the UFW cause. Elizer Vasquez’s life was intertwined with the UFW, and his contributions spanned generations. Born in Earlimart, he was the youngest among the Vasquez siblings. His older brothers, Mike and Manuel, blazed the trail by joining the boycott during the first grape strike, setting the stage for a family legacy of activism.

Elizer was no stranger to hard work, serving as a tractor driver at Roberts Farms. In 1973, he took a courageous step and joined the farmworker strike, becoming an essential part of the UFW’s struggle for justice and fair treatment. His dedication knew no bounds. Over the years, Elizer’s journey with the UFW took him to various corners of the country. He lent his voice and his spirit to the L.A., Seattle, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Detroit Boycotts, forging connections and spreading the message of unity and solidarity.

His service with the UFW extended to La Paz, where he played a pivotal role in Cesar Chavez’s Security detail and contributed his expertise to the Auto Mechanic shop. Elizer’s tireless efforts ensured that the UFW’s mission continued to thrive. In this moment of reflection and remembrance, we honor Elizer Vasquez’s unwavering commitment to justice and his love for the UFW family. Funeral services are pending, with a tentative date in early October. We will provide further details as they become available.

Elizer’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those he leaves behind, and his spirit remains present among us. Que Viva Elizer! Presente!

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