Edna Modene Mason Obituary, Edna Modene Mason Has Passed Away

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Edna Modene Mason Obituary, Death –  Heaven has one more angel now. Rest in peace, the most wonderful mother in the entire world. I want you to know how much I appreciate you being there for me and the rest of our family no matter what. You will be missed by us. Edna Modene Mason was her name. 1/12/1929-8/9/2023

Let us remember Edna Modene Mason with laughter even as we shed tears for her as we say our final goodbyes to her. Her legacy will be carried on in perpetuity via the innumerable people whose lives she changed, the lessons she taught, and the love she gave. Despite the fact that she may now be an angel in heaven, the legacy of love and perseverance that she left behind will continue to live on in our world. Dear Edna, we pray that you find rest in the knowledge that you will continue to illuminate our lives via your memories, just as you did while you were here with us.

She exuded warmth, friendliness, and an infinite amount of love in her role as a dedicated mother. Her unwavering devotion to her family through thick and thin exhibited a boundless capacity for altruism on her part. Edna’s unwavering presence was a source of comfort, whether she was lending a listening ear, delivering wise advice, or simply being a tower of strength. All of these things combined made her a great source of support. Her passing leaves behind not only a profound sense of sorrow, but also a profound appreciation for the opportunity to have known her in the first place. Those who were affected by her life will continue to draw strength and encouragement from the memory of her laughter, the direction she provided, and the love she shared with them.




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