Donald Dollard Obituary, Member Of New Hampshire Air National Guard Has Passed Away

Donald Dollard Obituary, Death – The Manchester Police Department had the solemn privilege of rendering its services in paying tribute to the life and legacy of Auburn resident, Donald Dollard, who recently passed away at the age of 88. Mr. Dollard’s journey through life was marked by his unwavering dedication to both his community and his country.

Born and raised in Auburn, Donald Dollard was a true son of New Hampshire. He graduated from Manchester High School Central in the Class of 1953 and went on to further his education at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in 1955, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth and learning. Mr. Dollard’s service to the nation was characterized by his dedication and patriotism. He was not only a proud member of the New Hampshire Air National Guard but also served in the United States Air Force, where he achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant. His contributions to our country and the values he upheld as a member of the armed forces exemplify his sense of duty and honor.

In addition to his military service, Donald Dollard made significant contributions within his home state. He worked diligently for the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and the Board of Tax and Land Appeals, showcasing his professional expertise and commitment to public service. Auburn, his beloved hometown, benefited greatly from his leadership. Mr. Dollard served as a selectman and a cemetery trustee, actively participating in the growth and development of his community.

Today, the Manchester Police Department had the honor of escorting Mr. Dollard on his final journey, from Connor-Healy Funeral Home in Manchester to St. Peter Church in Auburn. The procession was a heartfelt tribute to a life well-lived, a symbol of gratitude for his dedicated service to both his community and his country. As we bid farewell to Donald Dollard, we remember a man who embodied the values of honor, service, and community. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those he touched, and his memory remains an inspiration to all.

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