Des Byrne Obituary, Aberdeen Friends Of Israel Mourns Passing Of Chairman

Des Byrne Obituary, Death – Des Byrne served as the Chair of Aberdeen Friends of Israel in addition to being a member of our Board of Trustees here at the organization. The news of his departure has brought on an overwhelming sense of loss for all of us.

Des was the kind of guy who held a strong faith in God but yet had a genuine sense of humor. It was well known that he was extremely nice, loving, and caring toward his family members. He was a strong supporter of Israel in addition to his many other activities, which kept him active right up until his health began to deteriorate. When he passed away, he had already experienced some decline in his health.

Des was a very dear friend of Glasgow Friends of Israel as well as Highland Friends of Israel, and he and his wife made multiple journeys to Glasgow to participate in events that were going place there. Des was also a very dear friend of Highland Friends of Israel. Des did a lot of work for Highland Friends of Israel in addition to the work he did in Aberdeen, which included arranging the very first Shalom Festival that the city has ever held. Everyone whose life Des has influenced will undoubtedly feel a void in their lives without him there. A blessing onto those who remember him and keep his memory alive.

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