David Owens Obituary, Greensburg, PA, In Loving Member Of Beloved Native

David Owens Obituary, Death – The sad event that took place on Monday left the community of Hilton Head Island, which is located in South Carolina and is famous for its stunning beaches and peaceful waterways, in a state of shock. David Owens, 64 years old, from North Huntingdon in Westmoreland County, sadly drowned and lost his life while he was on vacation at Hilton Head Island Beach. Andrew McNece, Deputy Coroner for Beaufort County, was the one who determined the victim’s identification.

The sad tragedy serves as a somber reminder of the unpredictability of the ocean and the importance of exercising caution at beaches. The terrible incident took happened on Disney Club Beach in Palmetto Dunes at approximately 3:30 o’clock on Monday afternoon. An urgent distress call was placed to the appropriate emergency authorities in regards to a person who was last seen in the water. When the terrible event took place, the victim, David Owens, and his wife were enjoying a vacation on the beautiful coastline of Hilton Head Island.

In spite of the prompt action taken by the emergency services, the situation deteriorated very quickly. Owens was discovered approximately 50 yards offshore, a surprising distance of about 300 yards from where he had been seen most recently. This dreadful consequence was brought about as a result of the unpredictable ocean currents and the rapidly changing weather conditions. Owens could not make it through the ordeal despite heroic efforts being made to bring him back to life, leaving those who saw the event in a state of disbelief and devastation.


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