Cherisa Lanae Missing, Help Find Missing Cherisa Lanae

Cherisa Lanae Missing – My sister Cherisa has not been seen or heard from in quite some time. Today is the day when we took the necessary steps to formally report her as missing in her absence. I placed two pictures with her hair because I know she colored it recently, but it could be washed out. She has hazel or brown eyes, hundreds of tattoos on both arms to the point where they are practically sleeves, but on her chest she has a Sun and Moon tattoo that stands out quite clearly. She stands at a height of about 5 feet 4 inches and weighs approximately 200 pounds.
She has been reported missing from the regions of Colfax and Pierce,

and the last time anyone heard from her was late on Sunday (8/23/23). It is quite uncommon of her to not have made contact with that person by this point; she would have done so by now. We have traveled throughout the area and been in touch with everyone that she is known to connect with, but she has still not shown up to court or for her child’s visits. In addition, she was supposed to move into a new sober living environment this week, but she did not do so.

Given that she has been clean for some time and is working hard to make positive changes in her life, this behavior is really unexpected of her. Please get in touch with me, my mother Sherry Leyba, or the Los Angeles Police Department at either 911 or 303-980-7300 if you see or hear from her. I would very appreciate it.

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