Bruce Vernon Obituary, Bruce Vernon Has Passed Away

Bruce Vernon Obituary, Death – The individual who tragically lost his life at a rock quarry in southern Indiana has been identified as Bruce Vernon, a 69-year-old employee from Marengo, according to the Crawford County Coroner’s Office. His death has been officially ruled an accident.

The incident unfolded in Cape Sandy, Indiana, a small town located along the Ohio River just south of Leavenworth. On Tuesday, emergency crews responded to an incident at the Mulzer Crushed Stone quarry on Alton Fredonia Road at around 2 p.m. Initial reports suggested that a vehicle had entered the water, leading to a search for a potential occupant.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reported that after several hours of searching, a dump truck was located using sonar imaging technology. This underwater camera utilizes ultrasonic waves to generate images. It was determined that the dump truck, which is quite heavy, had slipped over the edge, falling approximately 100 feet and ending up submerged under 20-30 feet of water, inverted.

On Wednesday, with the assistance of a remote-operated vehicle submersible sonar unit, Vernon’s body was recovered. Divers subsequently entered the inverted vehicle and successfully retrieved the body. This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the hazards associated with working in quarry environments.

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