Bob Cook Obituary, Longtime Public Insurance Adjuster Dies

Bob Cook Obituary, Death – We are filled with a profound sense of loss to inform you of the passing of Bob Cook, a devoted member of the public adjusting community who worked as a public insurance adjuster for many years. Bob had been battling cancer for at least two years at this point, and while he occasionally felt better, the disease was still progressing. “Bob the Brit” was another nickname for him.

He promoted educational opportunities for public adjusters by organizing a number of meetings in the format of town halls at which public adjusters may congregate, discuss their experiences, and formulate plans for the most effective way to proceed. He consistently extended an invitation to FAPIA to take part, and we never declined. In 2015, the FAPIA presented Bob Cook with an Achievement Award in recognition of his role in establishing and organizing the Public Adjuster Town Hall sessions.
Bob received his master’s degree in engineering from the University of the United Kingdom. After Hurricane Charley hit Florida in 2005, he decided to pursue a career as an insurance adjuster and received his license. Soon after, he came to the conclusion that he would much prefer use his experience to assist policyholders. In 2006, he started working as a public adjuster, and he hasn’t looked back since. His mind, body, and soul were always dedicated to the cause of advocacy. Bob’s wit was one of a kind, and he had a way of brightening up whatever room he entered. We will never forget the very last FAPIA event that took place in 2021; during that time, Bob made a remark to us about the large number of FAPIA bags he owned as a result of attending each and every one of our events.

We had around fifty bags left over in storage from other events, so we thought it would be funny to play a joke on him by stuffing his hotel room with FAPIA bags before he came. They were there in every place. One of them even had all of the Board members’ signatures on it in support of him. They were in the shower, hanging from the lamps and chairs…. We had no doubt that this was something that would be to his liking. After he had checked in and discovered this pleasant little surprise, he came down to meet us at registration with that huge smile on his face and informed us that he would never forget our amusing little trick. He was well-liked by many people, and it was a pleasure to work and cooperate with him. Bob Cook will be remembered as a friend and a pioneer in our field for the rest of our lives. I pray that he finds eternal rest.

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