Beverly Roberts Obituary, Program Director At Arc Of NJ Has Passed Away

Beverly Roberts Obituary, Death – The departure of Beverly Roberts, a brilliant person who devoted her life to improving the lives of others, is something we share with heavy hearts as we make this announcement today. The path that Beverly had been on came to an end, but she left behind a legacy that will continue to motivate and encourage those who were fortunate enough to have known her. Her unflinching dedication to the cause of advocacy and assistance at the Arc of New Jersey, where she served as Program Director, was evidence of her deep-seated interest in these areas. Her remarkable leadership and persistent efforts offered comfort and empowerment to an innumerable number of individuals and families who were coping with the problems of developmental impairments.

Her leadership helped the Arc of New Jersey grow into a thriving organization that serves as a symbol of hope by supplying vital resources and promoting a sense of community. In addition to the success she had achieved in her professional life, Beverly’s warm heart and genuine generosity left an impression on everyone she met. She is a true pillar of strength and empathy due to her capacity to listen without passing judgment, offer advise without hesitation, and disseminate compassion without limits, which sets her apart from other people. The people whose lives Beverly touched, the wonderful changes she helped to bring about, and the inspiration she sparked will keep Beverly’s legacy alive for all time. Even though we are saddened by the loss of a dearly loved Program Director, we also want to celebrate the life that was lived to the fullest and the significant effect that she had on the world around her.

During this period of introspection, let us remember the legacy that Beverly has left behind and honor her spirit by carrying on the job that she was so dedicated to. May we draw strength from the example she set and the beliefs she stood for as we travel the road ahead without her. May we navigate the way ahead without her. In the coming days, specifics of a memorial service that will be held to pay tribute to Beverly’s life will be made public. In lieu of sending flowers, the family asks that memorial contributions be sent to the Arc of New Jersey in honor of Beverly’s lifelong effort to fostering a society that is more accepting and caring toward those with disabilities. The memory of Beverly Roberts will live on in our hearts for all time, and it will serve as a beacon of love, service, and empathy for future generations. I pray that she finds eternal rest.

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