Arlington Heights High School Lockdown: Student Detained, No Gun Found After Lockdown, Police Say

In spite of rumors that there was a threat at the school on Thursday, the police in Fort Worth claim they were unable to locate any weapons inside Arlington Heights High School. The school was reportedly put into lockdown mode at 10:00 a.m. by the Fort Worth Independent School District shortly after a student reported to a campus monitor that they observed someone inside the building with a gun.

Officer Daniel Segura of the Fort Worth Police Department said that the children “did what they were supposed to do.” “We tell them, ‘If you see something, say something.'” “If you see something, say something.” K-9 units from the Fort Worth Police Department, along with officers and members of the district staff, searched the whole campus, including the top of the school. The party was unable to find any kind of weapon.

Cesar Padilla, a spokeswoman for the district, stated that the authorities apprehended a pupil, but it is not yet apparent why they did so or whether they are still in jail. Padilla remarked that “safety is our top priority on campus,” and I concur. “As soon as we were made aware of the information, we started taking immediate action.” More than a dozen worried parents hurried to the institution in order to get their kids. During lunch, the school district gave those youngsters back to their parents or guardians.

Padilla stated, “I genuinely empathize with the concerns that those parents have.” Students report that there are rumors spreading like wildfire on social media, although it is not yet apparent whether there was a real threat. “My phone is getting blown up,” a student named Jayden Sampson said. “I was terrified because they told us that we could be here until 6 o’clock… I did not think I would be coming out of that school.” Thursday was the day when Sampson and her mother, Nicole Herrera, left class. The pair shared a passionate embrace just outside the main entrance of the institution. “I’m beyond myself,” Herrera remarked. “I’m beyond myself.” “I still find it hard to believe that it made it all the way here.”


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