Andrew Hogg Obituary, A Tribute To A True Gentleman

Andrew Hogg Obituary, Death Cause – We announce the passing of Andrew Hogg, a cherished member of the r@tt staff, with heavy hearts and great sadness. Andrew, who was just diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND), lost his valiant fight against the illness. The harsh turns that life may take are starkly illustrated by his story. “Room at the Top” was for many of us Andrew’s favorite location at r@tt. These images, which bear witness to his affection for those Saturday nights, perfectly show his excitement and camaraderie with other customers. Over the years, I had the pleasure of spending a great deal of time with Andrew at r@tt.

He was more than just a pal; he was a sincere, generous man. With his warmth and charm, Andrew had the instinctive capacity to make anyone’s day better. He was a continual source of joy at r@tt, making everyone he came into contact with feel welcome. Andrew Hogg was a shining example of true kindness in a world where it is sometimes difficult to find it. He personified friendship, making every visit to r@tt a special occasion.

As we grieve Andrew’s passing, let’s keep in mind what a magnificent man he was—a man who made everyone around him happy. His legacy will live on at r@tt and in our hearts, teaching us to appreciate each moment and treat one another with kindness because we never know what difficulties life may bring. Sacred Andrew, rest in peace. Although you will be sorely missed, everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you will always cherish your memories.

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