Alan Clarke Obituary, In Loving Memory Of A Beloved Father And Husband

Alan Clarke Obituary, Death – On this peacefully solemn day, the South West Acute Hospital serves as a backdrop to bid farewell to a remarkable soul. Alan, known and cherished by many, has departed this world, leaving behind a legacy of love, laughter, and cherished memories. Late at 59 Glen Road Killyculla Tempo, Alan was the beloved husband of Bernie, a much-loved father to Jonathan and Emma, a devoted grandfather to Grace and Cillian, and a dear brother to Ann, Brian, Barry, and Alison. While he rests in peace, his spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew him.

Alan’s journey was one filled with moments that showcased his unwavering commitment to his family and the lives he touched. As a husband, he exemplified the true essence of partnership and love, standing by Bernie’s side through life’s ups and downs. His children, Jonathan and Emma, were fortunate to be raised by a man who poured his heart and soul into their growth and well-being, guiding them with a gentle hand and an open heart.

The title of “devoted grandfather” was one that Alan wore with immense pride. Grace and Cillian were the apples of his eye, and his presence in their lives was a source of joy and warmth. He shared stories, imparted wisdom, and wrapped them in the cocoon of his love, creating memories that will forever be cherished.

Alan’s presence wasn’t just limited to his immediate family; he had an extended family circle that radiated from him. His siblings, Ann, Brian, Barry, and Alison, were not just kin but lifelong companions, sharing the tapestry of their lives with one another. While Robert may have departed before Alan, his memory continued to be a part of the stories they told, a testament to the enduring bond of siblinghood.

As Alan takes his final journey from his late home on Sunday at 2 pm, the echoes of his life will resound in the halls of St. Margaret’s Parish Church in Clabby. The service will be a celebration of the moments that defined him – the love he gave, the smiles he shared, and the impact he had. In the adjoining Churchyard, his physical form will find its resting place, but the imprint he left on this world will remain indelible.

In lieu of flowers, Alan’s family kindly requests that donations be made to the Bridgewater Suite at Belfast City Hospital. This act of compassion reflects Alan’s spirit of giving, even beyond his time on this Earth.

In these moments of grief, let us remember Alan not only for the sorrow of his passing but for the light he brought into countless lives. He has found solace in the arms of Jesus, and his memory will forever be a beacon of love and warmth in our hearts. As we gather to bid him farewell, let us also celebrate the life he lived, the love he shared, and the legacy he leaves behind.

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